Refreshing weekend at Mandarmani/ Tajpur/ Digha – Week end destination from Jamshedpur/ Kolkata/

The Eastern part of India itself boasts of a variegated array of geographical features. The Himalayas towards the north, the lush greens at the foothills of the himalayas, the table land of chotanagpur, the picturesque dalma range, the Bay of Bengal In the south ; there's no dearth of offering to the lusty soul. But... Continue Reading →

Julley Ladakh

Four of us started planning for a trip in the first week of October. We started plannng in June/July. Everyone had their own choices of destinations. My husband and I am fond of hills. So, though our planning started with colourful Rajasthan, crossed the dreamy blue waters of Lakshwadweep, we finally settled for The rustic... Continue Reading →

Exploring God’s own country

In the month of August 2018 one of the worst floods hit Kerala, leaving many places across north and south limping for days. As per reports The state has not seen such calamity since a century. We started planing to visit Kerala in end July and had our tickets and bookings done. Our plans were... Continue Reading →

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