Refreshing weekend at Mandarmani/ Tajpur/ Digha – Week end destination from Jamshedpur/ Kolkata/

The Eastern part of India itself boasts of a variegated array of geographical features.

The Himalayas towards the north, the lush greens at the foothills of the himalayas, the table land of chotanagpur, the picturesque dalma range, the Bay of Bengal In the south ; there’s no dearth of offering to the lusty soul. But whenever we decide to have a trip , all of us has got certain constraints or preferences, be it the duration, the budget or the location. Necessarily we choose our destination, keeping these in mind; however most of us prefer destination that are less crowded. Especially if you are a city dweller, the hustle of the mundane life calls for serene and relaxing holidays, rather than bustling ones.

One such haven is indeed Tajpur, located in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal. Nestled between relatively popular cousins Mandarmani and Shankarpur, Tajpur is still little less ventured by travel enthusiasts. But it is the next upcoming popular destination, without a doubt.

Digha, is famous since early 20th Century as a beach destination. So the popularity is very high, resulting huge footfall throughout the year. Tourism and hotel industry has bloomed over period of time and you get multiple options, depending on your choice.

However, Tajpur offers fewer accommodations, with a number of places coming up to cater to the increased demand.

Access to Tajpur:

Tajpur is easily accessible from West Bengal , Jharkhand, Orissa– basically the neighboring states by Car or by train.

From Kolkata : its approximately 175 kms

From Jamshedpur : Its approximately 260Kms . We drove from jamshedpur to Tajpur. It took us roughly 7 hrs, with 2 tea breaks in between. The road is good in most parts. Read and be thorough with the map if you are driving yourself. the tea points or food joints on the way are rather humble and simple ones, dont expect anything lavish. If you are super picky suggest to carry your own stuffs to suffice your needs till you reach the destination.


There are a few resorts and hotels that have come up recently in and around Tajpur, as the crowd at Digha,Mandarmoni is a big put-off for many. We chose Kristi resort. Just a few days before we dropped, a family friend stayed there, so we already had the feedback of the place . Well, the resort is neither adjacent nor very close to the beach. But the place is well maintained, with all amenities plus the food is good. The place gets sold out in advance, so we suggest to call them and book in advance. The resort is not so far from sea though but situated somewhere between Tajpur beach and Shankarpur beach. It takes hardly 10 minutes by walking to get a view of the sea. We took toto (small electric rikshaw) to get to the Tajpur beach. Only 5 minutes ride will take you to the beach where Biswabangla Gate has been made by Bengal government. The good thing about the resort is that it has swimming pool and has great restaurant which serves typical bengali dishes with some seafood dishes.

When we reached the beach it was almost evening time. So we could not enjoy much at that time but stayed there for an hour and enjoyed the view and decided to come back on next day.

At night we had great dinner and slept well to get up very early to reach the sea beach at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. The morning view was awesome and we also played in the seawater for an hour or so. Our plan was to come back to hotel and have the complementary breakfast and go out for Mandarmani. So we did as per plan and got great breakfast at the hotel.

Next we visited Mandarmani beach. The beach is known for its boating services which you can not get in other adjacent beaches. The day was cloudy and it was raining sometimes and as a result the sea was not calm at all. We were little hesitant for the boating at first seeing the big waves of the sea but then we decided to go for it. It was a hell of an adventure. I think all who likes adventure should try this one specifically.

After having fun for around 2 hours we started heading towards the Shankarpur beach. Here you can’t find any sand sea beach. This beach is made like gallery and you can sit and relax there. There are lot of hotels beside this beach which can ensure sea views from your hotel room itself. We enjoyed there for about an hour and return back to the hotel to get ready for our return trip. The beach is about 10 minutes ride from the hotel so we quickly got back and started packing things up and it was 10 O’clock in the morning already. We checked out of the hotel by 11 a.m. and started heading towards Digha beach.

We had a plan to visit Digha and have lunch there and then drive back to home(Jamshedpur). We reached Digha at around 12 O’clock and decided to take lunch first. We had our lunch at a hotel. The lunch was not much expensive. If you have a big group you can order many types of dishes and still it will not burn hole in your pocket. After having our lunch we went straight to Digha beach at around 1:30 p.m. and rushed out of the place by 2:00 p.m, not because we were late, but because of the condition of the beach. Not a single inch of beach sand was visible at the beach as it was all covered by people. It was looking like Kumbh Mela ! So, we did not touch Digha sea water. We just fulfilled our wish of touching Digha and got out of the place as soon as we could.

Return journey was pretty awesome, the roads of Orissa were particularly very nice. The scenery was pleasing on the way back.

If you are looking for weekend gateway without burning holes in your purse or your pocket, you can undoubtedly go for this trip and it won’t disappoint you at all. The places are not so crowded and will give you opportunities for adventures. We had 11 people in our group, booked 1 single, 1 double and 1 dormitory room at the mentioned hotel with complimentary great breakfast and mouth watering foods at lunch and dinner with alcohols at evening. The cost of the whole trip was Rs.3500/- per head including everything [means 2 cars (own cars) and all foods and lodging]

So, what are you waiting for, just plan and go for the trip.

Do comment or mail us for any queries if you plan your Weekend getaway to Tajpur.

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