Spicy Sausage rice

In current pandemic situations, sustainable living and especially sustainable eating is very important. Minimizing the wastes, and full utilization of all available resources is key of healthy an prosperous household.

I know some households, who throws away any left overs from previous part of the day or previous day. Well, We are definitely not in that category. We all should be aware of the portions actually needed.

As we are totally avoiding outside food these days, I tend to have these crazy cravings for junk foods on weekends, as weekdays are too occupied by Work .
So, on one such occasions,I ended up preparing this easy and fast dish, to satiate the craving with something home-made! And without doubt its one of our favorite one pot meal.
Inspired by @gordongram ‘s #spicysausage rice, this is @we2explore ‘s version with desi touch!

– Sausages (home made or store brought)
– Butter/ olive oil
– Finely sliced onions
– roughly chopped tomatoes
– celery, roughly chopped(or coriander leaves)
– cubed bell peppers (any Color that you have at home)
– Paprika powder, white pepper powder, oregano, salt, hot and sour tomato sauce
– I used left over rice(well you can use soaked rice and simmer everything together, as per Mr. Ramsey’s original recipe)

– Heat little oil in a wok or pan,fry the onions and garlic till fragrant

– Add roughly cut sausages, fry in high flame so that it releases some fat

– Add the remaining veggies and condiments, stir in medium flame for sometime

– Next add the rice
– If you are using cooked or left over rice, mix the things well with rice , put the lid and cook in low flame for 5-7mins
– If you are preparing with undone rice , mix the rice with proportional amount of broth (1:2 rice and water) , put the lid and cook till the rice is done and perfect.
– Adjust the seasoning

– Garnish as you like it!


Serve hot topped with colorful veggies of choice, soft boiled eggs, or some crispy fries to add some crunch and texture to the palate!

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