No-bake Chocolate Tart

Special egg devil (dimer devil)

Traditional Bengali egg divil consists of half or 1/4th of the humble egg, with spiced mashed potatoes, coated with crumb and deep fried. However our version is slightly more luxurious. I would like to add that my version of egg devil is a mid way between bengali egg devil and English scotch eggs. As we... Continue Reading →

Basanti Pulao

Basanti pulao or holud pulao is a rice preparation belonging to Bengali cuisine. Many of our vegetarian and non-vegetarian main course dishes are rich and spicy. To complement the richness of the gravies this rice preparation goes perfectly . Its mildly sweet, aromatic and flavourful. 🔹 Ingredients: - Basmati rice - 3 cups - 1spoon... Continue Reading →

Katla Fish Korma

Fish Kaalia, fish curry, doi maach are widely popular Bengali delicacies. Fish Korma,however might be a little less common, but it is a favourite of any special occasion. You might stumble upon other Fish Korma recipes, that call for a number of other ingredients, well that's absolutely fine. Food cooked at home and for our... Continue Reading →

Spicy Paneer Tikka

On Earth there are pretty few human beings perhaps, who do not like paneer. Even the non-vegetarians hardly give paneer starters a miss! Paneer or cottage cheese is widely available and can also be prepared easily at home. Paneer tikka is a favourite finger food for any parties , also the star starter of most... Continue Reading →

Peshawari Chicken Karhai

Chicken is one of the most versatile protein available. It has got almost no smell of its own, which most other animal proteins have, which demands to be cooked with a whole lot of spices and condiments for quiet a lot of time. However, chicken can go well with almost every thing you can think... Continue Reading →

Homestyle Dahi Chicken

There are these frequent days in our fast lives, when we want to eat some thing yummy and delicious putting bare minimum efforts. This happens too often with me when I don’t want to order from outside yet want delicious dishes on my plate with optimum resources in very short time. As either I have... Continue Reading →

Balinese Chicken Curry

Chicken is one of the highly consumed animal protein in our household. We love the lean meat in almost all forms(barring raw ones). During the Covid-19 pandemic situations as we got to spend considerable amount of time at home, it definitely meant making and having more meals. Obviously the regular dishes turn out to be... Continue Reading →

Spicy Sausage rice

In current pandemic situations, sustainable living and especially sustainable eating is very important. Minimizing the wastes, and full utilization of all available resources is key of healthy an prosperous household. I know some households, who throws away any left overs from previous part of the day or previous day. Well, We are definitely not in... Continue Reading →

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